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A CCHour™ is composed of up to 66 work minutes total with the following Team average split: 30% non-senior, 50% senior, 10% guru, 10% coordination and 10% quality control.
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CompetenceCloud™ is the new service delivery platform expressly designed for the ICT infrastructure management. The CompetenceCloud™ stack is primarily focused on solving problems in the best and fastest way.
It has been built to eliminate the overheads and the unclear escalation paths typical of the ICT infrastructure management process. The way to achieve this goal is simple and effective: while addressing all regulatory and quality assurance requisites, our methodology drives the Team in assigning issues and tasks to a sub-group composed of People with the proper competences. Thanks to the CompetenceCloud™ Live Skill Map™ all problems are being addressed to the most appropriate Team of skilled specialists who will then work together, avoiding single person assignments.

CompetenceCloud™ acts as a "borg consultant" connected to more than 100 professionals, everyone at your service as a collective! By choosing a CompetenceCloud™ certified Partner you can stay focused on your applications and forget about your ICT infrastructure. Let CompetenceCloud™ simplify your work!

CompetenceCloud™ support subscription allows ICT departments to eliminate maintenance and management operations and rediscover their primary role of corporate innovation agent. Thanks to CompetenceCloud™, ICT departments can foster evolution and improvement of Corporate business processes!